Session 10: Keeping your mind healthy (Wellbeing)

Session 10: Keeping your mind healthy (Wellbeing)

Here at Newcastle Premier Health we are proud to announce our tenth live, and FREE to join, remote session – giving clients the opportunity to discuss a range of health and wellbeing subjects live, with a selection of our trusted professionals.

We hope that the live and remote sessions will give our clients, their friends and family members, a platform to discuss their health and wellbeing goals in what is uncertain times. Subjects have been carefully thought out and are designed to help whilst we all adjust to new and unfamiliar situations – both physically and mentally.

Keeping your mind healthy (Wellbeing)

Keep your mind engaged and healthy whilst in lockdown, join an open discussion with professionals from NPH to receive advice and guidance.

Who: Clients of Newcastle Premier Health

What: Live and remote session on how to keep your mind healthy.

When: Thursday the 4th June 2020 at 15:00 (lasting up to 60-minutes)

How: Remotely connect via Zoom*

*Zoom is a free and easy to use, reliable cloud platform for video and/or audio chat which can be accessed on mobile, tablet and laptops – click here for easy to follow instructions.

Please Note: The session will be recorded and shared with a select few clients who cannot attend. Unless stated in writing, Newcastle Premier Health will progress on the understanding that you are accepting of this and consent to the session being recorded.

Next Week

We are pleased to announce that remote questions and answer sessions will become a weekly fixture – every Thursday at 15:00. If you are engaged this week, please do join us next week for an open discussion on how best to manage your stress.

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