The fight against work-related illness and workplace injury

The fight against work-related illness and workplace injury

work-related illness & workplace injury

The HSE has released its annual report on work-related illness and workplace injury for 2017/2018. The statistics make for an interesting read.

According to the HSE report, the industries with the highest rate of work-related illnesses are Agriculture and Health. The industry reported to bear the highest workplace injury rate is again Agriculture, closely followed by Construction.

High costs to businesses…

It is estimated that the cost of workplace injuries and work-related ill health for 2017/18 (in Great Britain) exceeded £15 billion. The HSE report highlighted that 595,000 workers were injured in workplace accidents with a further 529,000 suffering a work-related illness.

The HSE estimates that in 2017/18, more than £3.0 billion was paid by businesses in the fight against work-related illness and workplace injury. It is our belief that businesses can help prevent this by enforcing Health and Safety workplace standards. 

Demonstrable cost benefits to your business

Here at Newcastle Premier Health, we specialise in the prevention and management of work-related illness and workplace injury through our Occupational Health services.

Not only does Occupational Health bring demonstrable cost benefits to your business, but it also helps to improve health outcomes for your employees, leading to increased productivity and business growth.

The delivery of our services can be adapted to meet the unique needs of your business. If you wish to discuss our Occupational Health service and understand how it can help your company and employees, please call us on 0191 605 3140 or email us at

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