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Covid-19 Services

Covid-19 Services

As NPH clients, you are all extremely valuable to us, and recent changes by the Government will make it harder to maintain a healthy and productive workforce. We have adapted and changed some of the services we offer so that we can continue to provide services and the best advice to help you and your teams stay healthy, happy and as productive as possible.

As the situation continues to change over the coming days and weeks, we will continue to keep you updated via this website.

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Our bespoke service - Stay open in a Covid safe way:

Services and Testing Prices
Test, Manage and Monitor Programme On request Find out more

Remote services we are offering in support of the Covid-19 outbreak:

Services Prices
Professional Email Advice (1 condition – 10-minutes) £15.00 Enquire Now
Professional Email Advice (2 or 3 conditions – 20-minutes) £25.00 Enquire Now
Tel Appointment if living with vulnerable person (30-minutes) £35.00 Enquire Now
Tel Appointments if identified as vulnerable (50-minutes) £45.00 Enquire Now

Other remote services we continue to offer:

Services Prices
Absence Management (OHA) £125.00 per hour Enquire Now
Absence Management (OHP) £250.00 per hour Enquire Now
Private Doctor Appointment (20-minutes) £80.00 per appointment Enquire Now
Private Doctor Appointment (30-minutes) £120.00 per appointment Enquire Now
Private Prescriptions £15.00 per prescription Enquire Now
Ill Health Retirements Appointment £375.00 per appointment Enquire Now
Statutory Medical Certificates On request Enquire Now

If you have any questions please do just get in touch via info@nph-group.co.uk, but please be aware that we are operating on a skeleton staff so responses may not be as frequent.