PCR Swab Tests

The most accurate test to see if you are currently infected with the virus is a PCR swab test. Swab tests are taken from the back of the throat and the nose. The swab is analysed in a laboratory with the result usually available 36-48 hours from receipt of the sample. The test is most reliable when taken by a trained healthcare professional.

We can arrange for you to take the test at home if you know you have symptoms.

  • PCR Swab Test – administered in our clinic (sent to the lab)
  • PCR Swab Fit to Fly – administered in the clinic (sent to the lab, results within 36 hrs)
  • Antigen Near Patient Test – administered in the clinic (result in clinic <20min)

PCR Swab Test – Premium Personal Fit To Fly Service with Courier: £195


  1. If you are travelling abroad, some countries now require a negative Covid-19 swab test and certificate to prove that you do not have the virus prior to travelling.
  2. NPH Group offers a Covid-19 Premium Personal Fit To Fly Service with Courier at our main clinic in Gosforth.  This is in addition to our Airport Testing Services.
  3. Administered in the NPH Group clinic at Gosforth.
  4. In the event of a negative test, we will issue a certificate to enable you to safely travel to your destination.
  5. Once you have your travel dates confirmed, contact NPH Group to secure your Fit to Fly Covid-19 appointment.
  6. It is your responsibility to book the correct date and time of your appointment, so please check with your airline for specific requirements.
  7. The test result and certificate will be returned to your registered email within 36 hrs of the date and time of your appointment.
  8. We have scheduled this service to try and achieve a rapid turnaround but ultimately you must accept that the science behind running the tests is outside of our control and in rare circumstances may result in results being invalid and having to be re-run.
  9. By purchasing a test from NPH Group, you accept the above terms.

For more information please call us on 0191 6053140 or email us at info@nph-group.co.uk.

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