Test, Manage and Monitor Programme

Reduce risks to help maintain a safe, secure, and productive workplace

Are you confident that you have the right processes and procedures in place to provide a safe working environment for your employees?

Would you like to have the reassurance of a professional, clinical service to help prevent the spread of infection and enable early detection?

There is a lot of concern and uncertainty for employees entering places of work which is why NPH have designed and developed the Test, Manage and Monitor Programme (TMMP).

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We are offering this service to help businesses stay open and working in a Covid-19 safe way:

Why use the Test, Manage and Monitor Programme?

• Provides access to rapid and mass testing.
• Results are delivered within 20 minutes.
• Clinical professionals interpret test results.
• Appropriate protocols are provided for positive tests.
• It is a fully supported service with medical advice & guidance.
• Is regulated, insured & compliant.
• Consultations are provided via: e-mail, face to face, video or by telephone.

The TMMP offers a suite of test options, most of which are not available to businesses via Public Health England (PHE). Providing a regulated, insured, and compliant way to support the welfare of your employees, whilst also indirectly giving confidence to their families.

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How does it work?

NPH has created the TMMP to ensure that businesses of all sizes, across all industries, have the tools, protocols, advice and guidance to thrive during a Covid-19 world.

• The TMMP is designed to the specific needs of your business.
• NPH Group provides everything you need to implement your bespoke service.
• Testing clinic set up on-site.
• Results provided within 20 minutes.

Clinical professionals:
• Support your team when receiving results.
• Provide Managers with advice for appropriate action.
• Ongoing weekly clinics continue to test and monitor your staff.
• Results are processed and data is provided to keep you and your team informed.
• Ad hoc clinics can be set up if necessary, for staff or teams that are outside of the established test group or that have been in contact with a positive test case.

Directions to NPH Group

Negative test:

The employee will continue to work as normal. Daily temperature checks and local Covid-19 secure measures
will apply.

Positive test:

The employee will isolate at home and be required to have an NHS PCR test to verify their health status. The results of both the NHS PCR and or the near patient test will be used to inform management decisions with guidance.

Selection of tests available to choose from:

The TMMP triple antibody (IgA/IgM/IgG) and antigen tests aim to create a safer workplace and confident staff, when used with our clinical protocols, professional advice and guidance.

Our triple antibody test detects current and past infection and reduces the risk of false negative results.

Directions to NPH Group

Whilst our antigen test detects the acute presence of a Covid-19 infection. Using both tests will detect current and historic infection.

Directions to NPH Group

Procedure following a positive test:
1. Referral to NPH.
2. The clinician will ensure the validity of the local screening process and manage any health and welfare concerns.
3. Repeat testing of ‘at risk’ staff, to quickly identify asymptomatic positive cases.
4. Make recommendations to business.

Our programme and tests can detect both acute and historic infections and are easy to administer on site, with results in less than 20 minutes. The triple antibody near patient test is CE marked, licensed for use under clinical supervision and registered with MHRA.

NPH is CQC registered, a requirement for the safe administration of antigen near patient swab testing. The TMMP offers organisations the means to identify, manage and monitor the asymptomatic presence of Covid-19, thereby introducing additional safeguards to help keep the workplace as productive and safe as possible.

NPH Group are committed to supporting organisations of all shapes and sizes to test, manage and monitor the Covid-19 status of their workforce quickly so that you and your staff can have peace of mind when entering the workplace.

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