Triple Antibody Near Patient Test

A Triple Antibody Near Patient Test will tell you if you have previously been exposed to Covid-19 and if so, what type of antibodies you have developed. This test identifies three types of antibodies produced by your immune system whilst a Covid-19 infection was present.

The triple antibody near patient test is CE marked, licensed for use under clinical supervision and registered with MHRA.

IgA and IgM are antibodies produced early in the infection, and tell you whether you are fighting the infection now, and whether you are maybe developing some immunity. IgG is produced at a later stage, and may suggest that you have developed some possible long-term immunity.

Knowing whether you are currently recovering from an infection and/or whether you have had the infection in the past, can be very reassuring for your employees and your business. It can also help to inform your business about the health status of your workforce, which you can then manage and monitor.

This is represented in the graph below:

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Figure 1 – Antibody Response.

A finger prick of blood is taken by one of our clinical staff and analysed on a test slide in the clinic, or in your business, and your result will be available in 20 minutes.

We will guide you when you get in touch.

This can only be carried out in clinic if you are asymptomatic.


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